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We offer unique apparel and gear that allow hikers to celebrate the outdoors. Every purchase helps support free hiking guides on HikingGuy.com

Helping Hikers

The birth of an idea

When I started HikingGuy.com in 2013 I just wanted to help de-mystify the outdoors and get folks out on the trail and enjoying nature. You can read about the HikingGuy story here.

Over the years my readers have shared their journeys and adventures in the outdoors with me. Often bagging a high peak or doing a big hike was the culmination of a personal journey of many miles. How could I help folks celebrate these accomplishments?

cris hazzard with mt baldy summit sign
Me on the summit of Mt Baldy while creating one of my hiking guides.
mt whitney hike directions 86
Making the summit of Mt Whitney is usually the work of lots of training and preparation. For many folks it's a bucket list accomplishment.
A Reason To Celebrate

"I hiked Mt Whitney"

I thought that a cool shirt, mug, or poster celebrating a hiking accomplishment would be a great way for folks to remember and celebrate. I ran the idea of an “I hiked Mt Whitney” t-shirt by some of my readers, everyone loved it. I designed some shirts and gave them out to fans.

Who Knew?

The shirts attracted attention

The feedback that I got from folks, which was unexpected, was that other people had seen the shirt and had asked them about it. “Did you hike Mt Whitney?” “How do I hike Mt Whitney?” “Wow, that’s incredible.” The shirt had served as a conversation starter, and in many cases had helped the wearer get a new person interested in hiking and the outdoors. BINGO! Higher powers were confirming that this was a good idea.

talking with mt whitney shirt
The design grabbed people's attention and attracted other hikers and potential hikers.
couple wearing hiking shirts
I pick out apparel that's comfortable and durable. I want the products here to be your favorites.
For Everyday Life

Designed for off the trail

I spent time designing items that hikers could use when not hiking. So the items on this site are not for the trail; there’s better gear out there for that. The Hiking T-Shirt Store offers great hiking-related shirts, apparel, mugs, posters, bags, hats, etc. that you can wear when you’re at home, at work, or just relaxing. I took the time to make sure that everything is long lasting, durable, and high quality.

Stay Tuned

We’re just getting started

I plan on designing more apparel and goods for all the peaks and bucket list adventures that you guys have. And you  will be a big part of where this all goes, so please use the form below and let me know what types of gear, peaks, hikes, etc. that you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to get it in the works. This gear and HikingGuy.com wouldn’t be a reality without hiking lovers like you.

three ts trail hike 26
Let me know if there's something you'd like to see here in the store!

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